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Do I Really Need to Schedule a Spring AC Maintenance Service?

We all know how hot and humid our summers can get here is PA! My HVAC Guy @ CKC Plumbing & HVAC knows that everyone wants to believe our air conditioning system won't let us down when we need it the most! The best way to do our best to keep our AC system running during peak demand is to make sure to schedule My HVAC Guy to perform our routine preventative AC maintenance each spring.

What is the benefit of having My HVAC Guy perform our Annual Preventative Maintenance AC Service?

  • Prolong the Life of your AC System: Just like consistent routine maintenance of your car gives it the best chance of a long reliable life, the same is true of your home's primary systems. Having your Spring AC TuneUp ensures your air conditioning system is running at it's highest capacity for you.

  • Energy Consumption Reduction: Your AC tune up allows My HVAC Guy to clean and tune the system to run as efficiently as possible. When the unit's parts are clean and free of debris everything moves smoother and more effectively.

  • Reduce the Potential for Costly Repairs: When My HVAC Guy @ CKC Plumbing & HVAC does your preventative AC maintenance, some small issues and concerns can be caught and allow you to choose to replace the aging part before it breaks down and leaves you sweating it out.

  • Fulfil Warranty Requirements: If you still have a manufacturers warranty on your HVAC system, most often the manufacturer will require proof of routine maintenance and cleanings when an issue arises for a warranty claim.

Get to know My HVAC Guy & Master Plumber @ CKC Plumbing & HVAC! Whether you sign up for the our Comfort Club or choose to manually book each service we will keep your unit running at it's best.


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