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Common Causes of Clogged Drains: What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk?

No matter what drain it is in your home or building, anytime it back up it's a nuisance and a potential mess! Everyone will experience some type of clogged drain to deal with in their lifetime. And whether it's a simple slow sink drain or a basement full of sewage, every clog causes some type of annoyance or anxiety on us. Explore some preventative measures you can take and also some services provided by CKC Plumbing & HVAC LLC to clear your clogged drains. You can even book your appointment online now!

Clear draining kitchen sink
Prevent Clogged Drains - Add a Strainer

We don't always think about the everyday convenience of our indoor plumbing system. It is something that is very easy to take for granted. Face it, the vast majority of us who were born in the US have never known a time without functioning indoor hot and cold water and flowing sanitary drain lines. Our indoor plumbing has always been there, it pretty much functions without much effort from the average person and let's face it, drain lines are not high on anyone's conversation list. But when they stop working, it is not very pleasant and suddenly, it is high priority to get the sewer or drain blockage cleared!

Dealing with a clogged drain can be a real headache and as a homeowner it can be really frustrating and stressful. Whether it is just a slow drain we remember when we brush our teeth or take a shower, while you are using that shower it is not relaxing to have water above your ankles. To the extreme clogged main sewer line, having raw sewage back up into our basement or washing machine is not something anyone welcomes having to clean up. Sometimes there is nothing you can do to predict you will have a problem and sometimes there is some basic habits or changes you can make to reduce the chance.

Common Clogged Drains & Sewer Causes

There are some factors that we can control in our homes and buildings to reduce the likelihood of creating a clogged drain. Some are common sense and some are best practices that go against some just plain bad commercial marketing of products. Let's explore what common culprits we see clogging drain lines:

  • "Flushable Wipes" - Yes, they are in parenthesis for a reason: Rule number one is NEVER FLUSH WIPES. In recent years, these wipes have been put on the market by various manufacturers and are most often sold in the toilet paper aisle of stores. This newly popular hygiene obsession is Plumbers have known since the onset that this was really poor idea. Townships are now beginning to fine for the use because the 'flushable wipes" really are not flushable at all and are causing costly damage on our water treatment plants. Wipes are a primary findings in clogged sewer mains.

Free flushing toilet - no clogged drain here
Keep you toilets flowing with a few routine tips.

  • Feminine Hygiene Products - There is a reason commercial restrooms install trash receptacles in every stall in a women's room. Feminine products should never be flushed down the toilet. Always have a trash can available and teach your young girls to respect their home and others' by always disposing of products in the trash.

  • Excess Toilet Paper & Paper Towels - This should be an obvious issue that will cause a back up. Paper towels do not break down which is why we see so many notes in public restrooms reminding us not to flush them. Excessive amounts of toilet paper in toilets can swell even more once wet and lead to a messy backed up toilet.

  • Hair - Hair goes down our tub and shower drains as we bathe and often down our sink drain as well during our normal grooming ritual. Soap build up then clings to hair in our drains and as it accumulates, clogged drains follow. This is the most common cause in our bathroom sinks, tubs and showers.

  • Food & Grease - Garbage disposals are a fantastic convenience that have become taken for granted in some cases. Garbage disposals are meant to grind up small scraps of food and pieces that accidently get washed down but they are not meant to substitute for a trash bag. Never throw rice or pasta down a drain - with or without a garbage disposal. Rice and pasta swell in water and even if it goes down from the sink, chances are large amounts are going swell further down and block your drain. The same is true with grease, do not pour grease down your drain. It may go down now but sooner or later the grease will harden into a hard stopper inside your drain line. So remember the garbage disposal and sink drain are not a substitute for the trash bag or a compost pile!

  • Tree Roots - Over time, roots from bushes and especially trees that are planted on the route of the sewer main from the basement to the street, or to our septic system will break through sewer pipes underground. Once this happens the sewage will seep into the yard and the roots and toilet paper clinging to them will eventually block the main sewer. Prevention would be to not plant any bushes or trees in the yard or against the house where the main sewer runs.

Reliable, Professional Service for Clogged Drains with CKC Plumbing & HVAC LLC

Regardless of how mindful we are of proper precautions, clogged drains happen. When they do, regardless of the cause, our expert master plumber can promptly and correctly diagnose the issue and the solution to get your lines flowing.

CKC Plumbing & HVAC LLC will provide you with an expert diagnosis and solution to your clogged drain or sewer pipe. There are solutions for small and big drain troubles and our master plumber has over 35 years of experience to clear it up for you:

  • Kitchen & Bath Drain Line Clearing

  • Main Sewer Drain Clearing

  • Main Sewer Video Camera Inspection

  • Excavation and Main Sewer Line Replacement

  • Curb Trap Repair and Replacement

So whether it's hair stuck in the trap for your bathroom sink or a collapsed sewer main in your yard, contact My HVAC Guy & Master Plumber at CKC Plumbing & HVAC LLC for quality and reliability you can trust.

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